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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my requested resources?

All resources are delivered digitally through email. Our resources come in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format or Microsoft Word .DOC / .RTF. The files come zipped in an archive (.zip or .rar) if your request has multiple chapters. Please check the Software & Tools page if you need assistance in opening your resources. We will make sure that you receive all resources and are able to access them without any problems.

When will my request be fulfilled?

All requests will receive a reply within 24 hours at most. We aim to deliver all resources within 2 hours. After a purchase is made, we guarantee that the request will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Our guaranteed time-frame is 24 hours. Otherwise, we will grant you a 100% refund.

How can I pay for my desired resources? Is it safe?

All payments are made through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted mediums with Google Wallet or PayPal. A Google or PayPal account is not required to complete the purchase, although you have the option of signing up for an account during the checkout process. Both Google and PayPal offer 100% buyer protection, so you will be covered in case of any mishap. Our customer's data and information are completely secure.

What if I'm worried about privacy?

Client confidentiality is our top priority. Our company has imposed very strict rules with regards to disclosing or selling of any client information whatsoever. For more information, you may refer to our Privacy Policy below.

What if you don't have the title that I need?

Contact us with specific information about your request, such as the title, author(s), edition, and the resource you are looking for. You may contact us through the Requests page. We will do our best in fulfilling your request promptly.

I lost my resources due to a computer crash or for some other reason. What can I do?!?

Simply send us an email with a brief explanation of what occurred along with the email address you used during checkout, and we will resend the resources free of charge.

Contact us if you have any further questions.

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